New Reel Seats


I have recently been working in partnership with my fishing companion and fellow rodbuilder, Leen Huisman to develop a new series of reel seats .

The resulting reel seats are of classic design but there is also something special to mention.

Many hardware components on reel seats are described as “Titanium look “ or “Titaniumcoated” but believe me : There is not much Titanium in them.

The reel seat hardware we designed and produced is entirely made from Titanium Grade 2. Additionally, we installed 24 K gold plated, bronze locking nuts.

These reel seats will still look brand new after many years of use, even in saltwater. Your also have the option of choosing your preferred spacer material from a range of precious woods

Most spacers are impregnated and will be resistant to water and atmospheric influences. The new reel seats comes in five diameters : 22 mm , 20 mm , 19 mm, 18 mm , and 17 mm.

The 17 mm model features a single 24 K gold plated bronze locking nut. These reel seats will only be installed on L.H.Design and O.Rinia Rods and are not offered separately.

The pictures will give an impression of the five models with different (optional ) spacers.