Fly rods:

These can be divided into two categories, one-handed and two-handed rods. Two-handed rods are designed to catch salmon and sea trout on the larger rivers.
These are very specific rods designed for only one purpose and often geared to fish on a certain river.

So these are very limited deployable rods.

In contrast, are one-handed rods very versatile, these can be used to catch almost all species and any type of water.
Are you a novice fisherman, and do you want a versatile fishing rod? Then the 7'6'' rod with line class #5 would be a real recommendation.


The spinning rods:

These are very versatile lure fishing rods made for whose who like to use light materials.
This light spinning rods register every bite and action of the lure.
The unequal pieced fishing rod 5 grams, with a length of 6'3" is highly recommended for anglers who like to beset sea trout with small spoons.
10 grams, with a length of 7'3'' is recommended for the spin fisherman who likes to catch asp and pike.

The carp rods:

These rods are made according to your personal preferences as carp angler. Because every carp angler has his own ideas and preferences therefore I do not have a real winner.
All of the rods are good, it just fits to your way of fishing.
My personal preference is the light version with a length of 11''